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Welcome to DMR For Dummies! Don’t feel bad. Our name is NOT intended to be derogatory in anyway, but it’s a reality for all of us when we first pick up a DMR radio. The transition from an analog state-of-mind for all hams is kind of a stretch. It sure was for us. So we decided to do something about it. At D4D, you’ll find many tips and tricks to help you get started.

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Radio Reviews

Want a no-nonsense review of DMR radios? We do our best to show you just want you’ll be getting and how to use it.

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DMR Radio ID

Learn about what a Radio ID is and where you get one for FREE.

DMR Talkgroups

Everything you wanted to know about talkgroups and how to use them.

DMR Radios

We provide you lots of great information on the DMR portables and mobiles being used for ham radio.

DMR Repeaters

We cover the details of the most common manufacturers who produce DMR repeaters.

Brandmeister Network

The defacto DMR network for PTT talkgroup activation. Learn all the ins and outs of how Brandmeister works.

DMR-MARC Network

Learn about the c-Bridge Network, DMR-MARC, DMR Plus and the repeaters that are using it.


The Anytone AT-D578UV Is Shipping!

Hey Everyone! YouTube videos are starting to pop up showing how the D578UV works, by hams who have recently received their orders for the PRO version. The time has come after the long wait. The BASIC versions (w/o Bluetooth and GPS) have not shipped yet, but are...

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Anytone AT-D578UV Suggested Pricing

AnyTone has finally released enough information for you to make a decision on which radio you might want to buy. Here are the details.  Outstanding features  Cross band repeater function (analog-analog, analog-DMR mixture, DMR-DMR)  Dual RX simultaneously (Analog+DMR...

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AT-D578UV DMR Tri-Band Mobile Update

From Jerry Wanger........ AnyTone is prepared to give us prices and specifications at the end of July and to start selling them in August. They said they are still working on features so if anyone thinks they know what the radio will do is only speculating. The only...

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