DMR Repeater Manufacturers

Let's discuss and cover who makes DMR compatible repeaters.

DMR Repeater Manufacturers

As one might expect, there aren’t as many repeater manufacturers as there are mobile and portable makers.

Motorola, being the creater of MotoTRBO (aka DMR) technology is by far the most popular repeater on the market and is widely available on the used market via eBay etc.

However, there are others and they are gaining polularity.  Here is a list a list of those that we are aware of that make reliable DMR repeaters.

  • Motorola
  • Tait
  • Vertex
  • BridgeCom
  • Harris
  • Kenwood
  • Kydera
  • Hydera
  • Retevis

With the DMR market growing at exponential rates, it is likely that other players will gain market-share relatively soon.

DMR certainly appears to the the future of VHF and UHF repeaters with its ease of connectivity and reliability.