This is a good question, and a common one.

If your DMR data is indeed in the online DMR database, ALL USERS of the database must load that information into their peronal RADIOS. It is actually the radio itself that converts the ID into call sign and name information that shows up on the radio display.

If DMR users only update their radios a couple of times a year, they will obviously be talking to new users from time to time who aren’t in their radios database. They will only see your radio ID on their display. This isn’t your problem or something that the DMR networks can do anything about.

It is a misconception that call sign and name info shows up on radio displays automatically. It does not, unless the user is on a system that utilizes “talker alias” functionality. And talker alias functionality must be turned on in each users radio CPS for it to work anyway. Many DMR repeaters do not have the capability to pass talker alias info. Genrally, only MMDVM repeaters and hotspots have this built in. Motorola repeaters and several other commercial repeaters will only pass along the radio ID and Talkgroup ID.

If you talk to someone that doesn’t see your call sign or name, simply remind them they need to update their radio’s user database via CPS the next time they have a chance.