DMR Hotspot Nano simplex Pistar Wifi


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This Pistar DMR hot spot is a simplex unit with a singlel antennas. This unit is capable of using time slot 2 only and comes with an integrated small display. The Boomerang NANO provides wifi connectivity only. Using a fast processor, this unit is fast at booting up and performs well.

Key Features

Frequency range: 420MHz-475MHz / 144-148MHz
Bands: UHF / VHF
Supported systems: DMR, YSF, C4FM, P25, NXDN, DSTAR, POCSAG.
Time slot monitoring: T2
Processor: Pi zero 2W
Software: Pistar (Open Source)
Power: USB power cable
Connectivity: 2,4GHz Wifi
Mounting: Desktop or Wall mounted
Display: 0.96″ LCD White on black for better visibility
Status Indicators: LED
Antennas: 1 – 2.5di dual (TX / RX)
Size: About 1″ x 3.5″ x 1.25″
Case: ABS 3D printed


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