DMR radios from China are hitting the market on a monthly basis.  Most of them are based on the same basic foundation and software.

What are the differences, you ask? Well, mostly visible regarding case design and ergonomics. For the most part, the software and firmware seem very similar.

So.. how often should you check for firmware updates? Quarterly.

If the firmware that comes factory on your radio is stable and you don’t find any bugs, stick with it for a while. Yes, there is likely a firmware update available for your radio since the manufacturers seems to be cranking our firmware updates right and left. But then generally don’t ship out anything that isn’t stable.

If you start down the road of applying every firmware update that you come across, you are just going to induce some pain into your life.  Updating your firmware a couple of times per year is more than adequate.

Or put another way.. only update your firmware when you have a bug you need fixed or a feature gets added that you really want. Else… hold out.