One of the greatest benefits of DMR is the ease of keeping in touch with your local and regional repeater groups through the use of dynamic talkgroups.

As you travel throughout the country (or world) you’ll come across many DMR repeaters. As there are no hard and fast rules, it is always good to plan ahead and review the individual plans for each repeater that you may use. Most repeater owners have websites available and publish a set of rules or expectations regarding repeater usage. This is a great place to start.

Generally however, most DMR owners follow the practice of allowing for dynamic talkgroups on Time Slot 1.

The best plan beyond finding out how each repeater is setup, is to get on Local 2 or 9 and simply make a call and ask a local ham if it’s OK to use a dynamic talkgroup and on what Time Slot that repeater prefers you to use.

Once you figure out what individual repeater preferences are, then you are good to go and have at it. It goes without saying that you should also use brevity in your usage. For obvious reasons, it’s important to remember these repeaters are likely being used for other local traffic and maybe even scheduled purposes like nets etc.

Bottom line… DMR is fun, flexible and exists with the purpose to network with all hams, regions, states and nations. Check with local owners and join in on the fun while you are on the move!