Have a new radio and curious about how your audio sounds? Is it loud enough? Or is it too hot?

There is a VERY easy way to figure this out using Brandmeister’s Hoseline! (Of course this whole process will only work if you are using a Brandmeister Repeater or a Hotspot connected to the BM Network)

The easiest thing to do is get your radio setup on one of the TAC channels and listen to yourself using a web browser via BM Hoseline.

Here is a step by step example:

  1. Launch your web browser and visit Hoseline TAC 316 – http://hose.brandmeister.network/316/
  2. LISTEN for traffic to make sure no one is currently having a QSO there.
  3. Setup your radio to use one of your local repeaters or a hotspot and key TAC 316 (TG 316) to activate the dynamic TG.
  4. Watch your web browser and key your radio and start talking into it. You should hear yourself through your web browser and see the VU meter needle and waterfall move.
  5. Talk loudly and softly to see where the VU meter peaks. A peak of 3 seems to be an ideal sweet spot for most listeners.
  6. If your peaks are lower than 3, go into your radio config and bump up your mic gain and try it again.
  7. If your peaks are too high, then go into your radio config and lower your mic gain.
  8. Repeat the process until the VU meter spends most of its time between 5 and 2.

Good Luck!!