Hey Everyone!

We are in need of guest authors to cover a few topics. DMR is growing quickly and there are many topics that we could cover in more depth, but just don’t have all the expertise to be sure that we properly cover more complex topics. Especially ones that aren’t all that common or are brand new to the industry.

If you are interested in helping DMR 4 Dummies grow and be a better source of information, please DROP US A NOTE and we’ll connect up.

Here are a few topics that we need help with:

  • DMR+
  • Phoenix
  • Hotspots in general
  • any other topic that you feel we don’t cover well

You don’t have to know how to post on a website, so don’t feel intimidated. You can post online if you wish (after watching a short video or two) or you may simply send us an email with your post.

Let us know if you are interested in writing for us!!