Receive Groups (RX Groups) are certainly an enigma in many ways. What the heck do I want to listen to on this “channel”??

Well, don’t feel bad. I still stress about this and DMR is a passion of mine. Basically, there is no good answer to the question. You are likely to change your mind on a regular basis. It’s normal and don’t freak out over it.  Build your channels to your liking. Period.

My approach is this. I create a channel for each mood I’m generally in and build my RX Groups around that.

For example, during morning drive time, I talk to a very small group of people. I haven’t generally had coffee yet, and unless I REALLY like you, I don’t want to talk to you. LOL

I have a channel that is targeted specifically to my close friends and nothing else. The rest of the day, I bounce between state-wide and nation-wide. So I have channels built for each of those personalities as well.  Three channels pretty much cover what I want to do. I’m a simple guy.

You might have 20 different ways of setting up your channels and that is Ok. The beauty of DMR is that it is very flexible and it’s totally up to you! Enjoy!