It’s HERE!

The Anytone AT-D868UV has arrived and here is what we think about it. 9 out of 10!

This is a great HT (for the most part). Having played with this for about a week, there are many good things over some of the other budget DMR radios on the market and only a couple of cons that we have found.  Let’s dive right in and give you the details.

The AT-D868UV is a VHF/UHF Dual-band Digital/Analog Part 90 DMR commercial transceiver with GPS and 1.77 inch color TFT display. Ideal for everyday amateur radio use on both DMR and analog systems. It comes stock with room for 4,000 Channels,10,000 Talk Groups and 150,000 digital contacts! It’s frequency coverage is 140-174 / 400-480 MHz. And includes a USB Programming cable.

By far this is the most functional and full featured DMR capable HT to date.  The programming software is a familiar feel to other standard analog radios and feels to have a shorter learning curve that other DMR radio software options.

In our testing we found it to be very stable with great audio on both transmit and receive.  It has great heft and is capable of a full 6 watts of output power.  For around $180 this is a very good starter DMR dual-band HT.

The only cons (so to speak) is the possibility that its receiver isn’t as sensitive as others and the DMR acquisition time to be a tiny bit slow in opening the squelch. Sitting side by side with two other HTs, we found there to be a slight hiss monitoring the same analog frequency and a discernible delay in DMR decoding as compared to the other two radios. We consider this to be an extremely minor finding and don’t consider it to be a worthy item causing you to avoid a purchase.

Good luck if you choose an Anytone AT-D868UV. We give it a solid thumbs UP!