Codeplug Database

Here are some codeplugs to help get you started.

Please help us build a robust database by submitting codeplugs for other hams to enjoy.  You may do so, by visiting our Codeplug Submission page and uploading your codeplug(s) with a few extra details.  We will review your files and add them to the database as they are approved.

In the following section, you will find a database of files for DMR; including codeplugs, firmware and CPS files.  **USE THESE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK**

We have reviewed these files to ensure they are valid, but as with any online file stores… anything is possible.

As mentioned above, please feel free to submit your own files to us for review. If they checkout ok, we will add them to the site for others to use to get a leg up on DMR programming.

CSI CS800U April 16, 2018